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By now, your bracket is either blown or you’re feeling pretty good about the Final Four.  As always, this year’s tournament has experienced its share of surprising upsets and thrilling finishes. Now that the Final Four is just days away, we wanted to provide your some guidance on leveraging the powers of the universe (through Keystone Frozen mac & cheese) to send good vibes to your team.

Never underestimate the power of pre-game rituals.

We’ve compiled a few resources for pre-game inspiration. If you have friends on the team, consider passing along these hot tips on pre-game rituals.  Check out these top five pregame traditions in men’s college basketball as counted down by the NCAA.

What can the average fan do?

Thrillist compiled a list of America’s Top 25 College Sports Fan traditions, for starters.

Naturally, we are here to help you support your team, so we’ve put together a couple of ideas as well. If you’re rooting for Gonzaga or Oregon, we recommend loading up on Keystone Frozen Buffalo Bleu mac & cheese, as the Pacific Northwest is known for their love of sophisticated flavors. Fans of South Carolina or North Carolina should focus on Keystone Frozen BBQ & Bacon mac & cheese, since barbeque flavors are a way of life in the Carolinas.

Enjoy the Ride.

The fun is in the journey. Embrace the triumphs and failures of your team and remember that no matter what, there’s always next year.

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