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Let’s face it, corned beef and cabbage isn’t for everyone.  For some, the stinky-sock smell that fills your kitchen as the cabbage boils is the deal-breaker.  For others, it’s the realization that it’s just not the best meal to pair with a traditional St. Patrick’s Day beverage.

Keystone’s got you covered.

Fortunately, Keystone Frozen mac & cheese provides the perfect taste profile to complement virtually any beer. It’s concentration of protein and carbs can help keep you balanced while you celebrate everything St. Patrick’s Day has to offer.  Whether your choice is a local craft-brewed IPA, a Guinness Stout, or just something laden with green food coloring, starting your celebration with a hearty serving of Keystone Frozen mac & cheese is a good way to combat the crazy antics of budding leprechauns everywhere.

Load up before you head out.

If you’re going out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, consider Keystone Frozen mac & cheese as a pre-event meal. It’s a guarantee that you’ll be able to celebrate on a full stomach without worrying about what’s really making those mysterious appetizers green.

Buffalo Bleu or BBQ & Bacon?

It’s a tough choice to determine which feels more “Irish”.  Since Irish bacon is more aligned with ham-like Canadian Bacon , it’s not an obvious match. And since Ireland never produced a blue cheese until 1984, it lacks the historic connection to St. Patrick.

So, we will leave the choice up to you. Both provide complex flavors that will fill your stomach and get you prepped to celebrate.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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