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We are only a week away from the beginning of March Madness.  Once again, the First Four is set to take center-stage at the University of Dayton arena on March 14th. This year organizers are adding to the experience by allowing fans to see the teams before the games begin. “There will be open practices that are free and open to the public prior to the actual tournament,” according to Dayton Convention & Visitors Bureau CEO, Jacquelyn Powell.

We checked, and tickets are still available.

Selection Sunday is March 12th, and games will start on March 14th. You can still get tickets at if you’re interested in going in person.

If you’re more of a watch-at-home kind of person, you can check this website for complete details (updated as the schedule evolves):

You’ve got to do a bracket.

There are a number of games and challenges this year. Warren Buffett is back at it, but his challenge is only for Berkshire Hathaway employees. For everyone else, there are a few to choose from including and .

Filling out a bracket takes focused concentration.

It can be quite a challenge to fill out your bracket. We have found that we focus best when we are not distracted by hunger. That’s why we recommend Keystone Frozen mac & cheese as a bracket-building meal.  It also comes in handy on days when you’re racing home to catch the end of a close game and don’t want to commit a ton of time to making dinner.

Good luck going deep into the tournament.  Don’t forget to grab some Keystone Frozen mac & cheese!

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