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With the Grammys behind us this week, celebrity show attention turns to the Academy Awards. Did you know the Oscars are traditionally the #1 watched non-sports telecast? Yep.  Typically it’s the only non-sports broadcast to crack the top 10.

With everyone watching, the event screams “viewing party”.  Here are some tips we’ve compiled to make your viewing party red-carpet worthy!

Play along

Playing along with the Academy is a fun way to keep your party engaged, especially if you include a friendly wager or pool for the most accurate picks.  With 24 key categories, creating a perfect ballot is harder than you think.

Here are a few links to downloadable ballot options that you can print out for your party:

Make your own red carpet presentation

Of course, no party is complete without Keystone mac & cheese bites. For the Academy Awards, we suggest a red carpet presentation!

Pull out a red runner, and use gold star plates to serve your mac & cheese bites Hollywood-style. You can find great party decoration choices at

Our yummy BBQ & Bacon and Buffalo Bleu mac & cheeses make flavorful appetizers that will warm up your guests on a wintery February night (where it’s bound to be 72 and sunny in Hollywood). Just heat as usual, and serve up appetizer-sized portions.

Then, sit back and enjoy the show.  And remember, Spring is just around the corner!


Now’s the time to stock up for your party, as Kroger is featuring Keystone mac & cheese at a feature price of $7.99!

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