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There’s a lot to celebrate this week, especially if you’re a Falcons or Patriots fan (or, if you’re an anti-Pats fan rooting for the Falcons, as many Midwesterners are known to be).

Someone else who will soon be celebrating is the winner of our Keystone Unlock the Flavors Sweepstakes. We are still working through the winner’s list, but hope to soon announce who will be coming to Cincinnati to work with Chef Ray to create a signature mac & cheese dish. While the winner stays at the 21C Museum Hotel and is being treated like a Keystone VIP, we are going to be busy adding the new signature mac & cheese to our menus at the Keystone Bar & Grill restaurants in and around Cincinnati. We are really excited to make this happen and will be sharing more about the experience after the visit.

Meanwhile, let’s get ready for the big game! No matter who you’re rooting for, everyone is a fan of the Super Bowl party experience.  Naturally, we have a few ideas on making your party even more spectacular (by integrating Keystone mac & cheese of course).

As you may know, Keystone mac & cheese can be served as an appetizer. Typically, people do that in the form of mac & cheese bites. But we have another suggestion for the Super Bowl: serving them as the cornerstone dip.

Keystone Buffalo Bleu mac & cheese: it has all the flavorings of Buffalo Wings, so why fight it? Use the mac & cheese as the dip to support celery and actual Buffalo Wings. It will take the wing experience to the next level, and it’s a perfect football appetizer.

Keystone BBQ & Bacon mac & cheese: the perfect complement for this dip is cornbread. Grab a box of cornbread crackers, or prep some mini corn muffins and serve them alongside for an appetizer that’s guaranteed to not make it past halftime.

You’re going to want to download a coupon here, since you’ll probably need more than one box for your party appetizers.

Before your appetizer gets fully consumed, send us a pic at @KeystoneFrozen on Facebook.

And may your team win on Sunday. If not, may you at least enjoy the commercials, and win a piece of the pool.

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