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Baby, it’s cold outside.

During the winter, warming up on the inside is no easy feat, especially in the evening after work and school. Fortunately, Keystone has a six-minute solution.

We recommend that once you get inside and peel off your outerwear, you head straight to the kitchen to pop a Keystone Frozen mac & cheese in the microwave. You’ve now got six minutes to complete your outside to inside ritual before you can settle in for an amazing meal that will warm your insides.

Naturally, you’ll want to put your winter gear back in its place, assuming you dropped it and headed straight for the kitchen. After that, you can get into your cozy at-home clothes to maximize your warmth potential on the outside. By then, your delicious Keystone mac & cheese should be calling you from the kitchen.

Start the internal warming process.

Serve it up and grab a fork to immediately start the internal warming process. You might need to wrap yourself in a blanket at the beginning, until the flavors fully kick in. Once you start consuming our BBQ & Bacon or Buffalo Bleu mac & cheese, you’ll realize how the flavors warm you up in ways that traditional mac & cheese can’t. While the mac & cheese provides the base of warmth, it’s the complex profile of the BBQ & Bacon and Buffalo Bleu flavors that brings the heat.

When you’re finished, you should feel warm, satiated, and relaxed.

Always make sure your freezer is stocked with Keystone Frozen mac & cheese, so you can stay warm through the winter.  Before heading to Kroger, download yourself a coupon to save on your next purchase.

Tell us how winter is going for you and your family. Are you enjoying the Winter Wonderland, or counting down until Spring? Share a comment at @KeystoneFrozen on Facebook.

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