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Happy New Year! The first week of January is a perfect time to actually solidify your resolutions, after the hoopla of the holiday settles down.

We suggest that alongside the more traditional life-improvement goals, you consider resolving to find new and interesting ways to spice up your life. Naturally, this broad-based resolution may include experiencing something you’ve never done before. It might inspire you to strike up new conversations outside of your circle.

It should definitely include expanding your palate to embrace new flavor combinations.

Fortunately, you’re in luck since Keystone Frozen mac & cheese comes in two amazing flavor combinations: BBQ & Bacon, and Buffalo Bleu. Trying each of these flavor combinations is a perfect way to achieve that spicy resolution in a safe, familiar environment. Remember, the base of our amazing flavors is still comforting mac & cheese. BBQ & Bacon are known flavors, but you might not have previously experienced the combination (so it counts).

Go bold.

The bolder move is tackling Buffalo Bleu mac & cheese. Bleu Cheese sounds scary, but those in the know realize that it’s the perfect flavor pair of Buffalo sauce.  That’s why it’s found with virtually every plate of Buffalo Wings ever served. And again, with our comforting mac & cheese to support your palate, you know you’ve got an old friend on the plate.

Once you’ve got these bold flavors under your belt, you’ll feel more confident and ready to expand on your spicy journey.

Next step: stop by your local Kroger store. Pick up Keystone Frozen mac & cheese in the Frozen Family Meal freezer section, and drop this coupon on the cashier on your way out.

Speaking of experiences, have you entered our Unlock the Flavors Sweepstakes? If not, do so today. We are closing it down and picking a winner in the middle of this month.

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