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With the Fantasy Football season winding down and the fantasy playoffs starting this week or next (in most leagues), we know how important it is to be on top of your game when setting that final roster, and of course on game day.

Making roster decisions can be so intense, so time-consuming, that you can actually forget to eat.  When that happens, you can find yourself distracted (by your grumbling stomach) and you might do the unthinkable, like benching Ezekiel Elliott or starting Ryan Tannehill against Arizona.

Or you could be foraging in the kitchen for something to quell those hunger pangs during a critical drive into the red zone.

Keystone is here for you, Fantasy Football Gurus

We have a six-minute solution. In football time it’s faster than a two-minute drill. And it’s easy.  Just follow these four simple steps:

Step 1. Go to Kroger. Download a coupon and take it with you.

Step 2. Head to the Frozen Family Meal section to load up on Keystone Buffalo Bleu and BBQ & Bacon mac & cheese.

Step 3. Before game day begins (while the early inactive reports are coming in), pop a Keystone in the microwave.

Step 4. After 6 minutes, grab a fork and eat. Focus on the complex flavors and let your mind wander.  Before you know it, the optimal lineup will come to you.  Set your roster, and get in place to rack up the points, knowing you’ll feel full and satisfied, at least through the early game.

Best of luck, Fantasy Football Guru.  May all of your players outperform their projections.

Let us know how your season goes.  Share a comment at @KeystoneFrozen on Facebook.

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