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It’s that time of year when family gatherings include dreary dressing, same-old sweet potatoes and those canned beans with the equally canned fried onions, hit the buffet table.

What if you did something different?

What if you showed up for the feast with a tasty surprise? One that looked good, tasted amazing, and wasn’t a huge deal to prepare? You would shoot up to side superhero status before the second football game even started.

Keystone can make you a hero

This simple execution is a win-win of flavor and presentation. Imagine a tasty BBQ & Bacon mac & cheese, served in an autumn gourd! Or go crazy and bring Buffalo Bleu in an acorn squash.

To prep the serving vessel of your choice, follow these instructions.

In short, you get some gourds or squashes, hollow them out and bake them in the oven.  Meanwhile, bake the Keystone mac & cheese in the oven.   Then, put the mac in the squash, return to the baking dish(es) and cover.  You can take that to Thanksgiving hot, or pop it back in the oven to heat up.

Your dish will look amazing

Everyone will think you spent hours on this amazingly flavorful side dish served in seasonally perfect (and edible) bowls.  When you give up the secret is up to you.

So, you’ve still got plenty of time to make this thing happen.  Head out to Kroger (grab a coupon here), and get going on picking up some Keystone mac & cheese, along with a few gourds.

Post a pic of your creation at @KeystoneFrozen on Facebook. We’d love to see what worked for you!

Strategic Leftovers

But wait! There’s more!

Thanksgiving is the “Eve of Black Friday”, so having an eating plan is a necessity, especially if you’re planning to do the late–night Thursday outing.

As you know, we packed Keystone mac & cheese with protein, so you can carb-load for the long haul but also get some power from the protein. That is, plan it right and you can either set aside some Keystone mac & cheese from your side prep, or plan on grabbing some leftovers for fuel on Thursday night/Friday morning (we recommend the former, as we expect your side dish to disappear when served).  Either way, you can leverage our mac & cheese as that power food that fuels you through your long day of waiting in line, grabbing deals and shopping mayhem.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! (And may you be fortunate enough to land your best deals on Black Friday).

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